*~* Wear Gray for a Day *~*

Rnb one more year is participating in this fantastic event.
Wear Gray 2012 is officially open. 80 stores with some fantastic new releases just for Wear Gray. A two week market with creators from across the grid, new and old, banding together to help raise funds for the American Brain Tumor Association.
Our new releases (100% goes to the  American Brain Tumor Association) for this event are:

*RnB* Coat Rack Set - Black Wood 

*RnB* Coat Rack Set - White Wood 

*RnB* Vintage Floor Lamps (copy) 

*RnB* 60's Armchairs & Rug - Wear Gray Hunt Gift
10L$ (Hunt item, easy to find). Look for the sculpted brain at our Wear Gray Shop

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