*~* New Group Gifts !!! *~*

New Group Gift !!!
Here: slurl.com/secondlife/Riverwalk/141/179/23


New VIP's Group Gift !!!
Group: *~* RnB *~*
Here: slurl.com/secondlife/Riverwalk/141/179/23

*~* 10L$ Weekly Offer *~*

*~* 55L$ Thursday *~*

Only today, March 15th

Colorful flowers, 1 Couple & 2 Single Poses
20 prims, modify & transfer !

*~* The Wash Cart Sale *~*

You shouldn't miss this event ! Lots of designers offer you some of their designs for 10l$ or less !
It ends on March, 22nd
Those are our 10l$ creations. Don't miss them !!!

NEW *~* Spring Tree Scene

Spring Scene with poses menu (up to 5 avatars can sit). Sculpted Field, sculpted tree & stump, sculpted birds & 4 butterflies. 
- Multiposes menu: 2 couple poses (4 animations) & 5 single poses (5 avatars can sit at the same time) 
- Nature sounds on/off (touch the tree trunk): crickets, birds,.. 
- 4 Butterflies with 4 different & realistic flight effec

*~* March Hunts *~*

Twisted Hunt Spring

When: March 1-31st
Hint: I'd like that gothic picture for my castle

My Love for You Hunt

When: March 1-31st
Hint: I love that fountain !

Mean Green Hunt

When: March 3-31st
Hint: I like staying at garden... look there is a squirrel near me !

Lucky You Hunt

When: March 5-26st
Hint: Sleeping time !

*~* New Creations *~*

Cute set in light wood & soft colors

Full light menu: on/off, color, intensity, brightness, radius,... 

Bookgiver on touch

You can buy the set or each piece separately


New spring creation

2 Couple poses (4 animations) & 5 Single poses (up to 5 avatars can sit on time)
Nature Sounds on/off by touching the tree trunk
4 butterflies with realistic flight effect